Four Reasons Why Your Vehicle Relies on Oil Changes

When was the last time your car had an oil change? Not every driver understands the value behind an oil change. It seems like such a minor maintenance procedure, so it can't be that important. On the contrary, giving your vehicle regular oil changes can prolong the time it spends on the road, and that's not all.

There are four reasons why your Hyundai model will appreciate you as an owner every time you take it in for an oil change or perform one yourself.

  1. They keep your engine clean. Maintaining a clean engine is key for the best performance and prolonged functioning. Skipping oil changes causes a build-up of dirt and other debris that turns the old oil into a harmful sludge mixture that can hurt your engine.
  2. They prevent overheating. If you've looked under the hood of your car, you've seen all the components around the engine. All these parts work alongside one another and create friction against the engine that can be harmful if the engine doesn't have fresh oil. This new oil will provide proper lubrication that works to cool down the engine to prevent excessive heat from occurring.
  3. They create better fuel economy. Getting more miles per tank is something every driver wants. With frequent-enough oil changes, your vehicle won't be forced to consume more fuel than it needs.
  4. Your engine won't work as hard. If your engine is feeding off more frequent oil changes, it'll have what it needs to run longer. By giving your engine some breathing room, it will increase your car's driving endurance entirely.

See? There are plenty of reasons that support the importance of routine oil changes. Every car is different, so be sure to consult your owner's manual or our service center to find out the oil change interval for your vehicle. If it's been a while and you're ready for an oil change today, we're ready to service your new Hyundai vehicle at Parkway Hyundai.

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