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Hyundai Replacement Parts, Components, & Accessories

Parkway Hyundai Has the Replacement Parts & Accessories You Need!

From tip to taillight, there's a lot going on in your Hyundai vehicle, and somewhere along the way, we're willing to bet you're going to need a replacement part, an accessory, or a replacement component. That's where our dedicated Hyundai Parts Department steps in! Our Service Center techs have the Hyundai know-how, but our Parts Department is the source for all the right replacement Hyundai parts, DIY accessories, or replacement components.

Whether you're doing some at-home DIY upgrades, changing your own oil, or looking for a part for a larger repair or replacement, you can count on our knowledgeable, careful team of Hyundai parts experts to track down the one you need. No sense in running all over Castaic, San Fernando, or Burbank when you could just start and end your search right here in Santa Clarita!

Not sure what you're looking for? Wondering what may be useful to have on hand? Here's a quick glossary of some of the most common Hyundai replacement parts we offer, and a brief explanation of their purpose:

  • Brake Pads: The brake pad is the component that actually applies the friction to stop your vehicle. These can wear out eventually, so if you hear a squeal, a squeak, or feel a "spongey" feeling when you hit the brakes, it might be time to replace them. Let our Hyundai experts have a look!
  • Engine Head Gasket: The head gasket is actually a seal that closes off the combustion process that occurs in your engine! This also helps to keep coolant fluid and oil from entering into the engine chamber.
  • Engine Oil: Here's one you're probably familiar with: engine oil. Oil is responsible for lubricating all the moving parts in your engine, while clearing out any small debris, and it also helps heat dissipate. We carry both traditional and synthetic oils!
  • Engine Oil Filter: As the oil flows through your engine and picks up small debris or mineral deposits, the oil filter is responsible for cleaning this out of the oil, so only clean oil goes back into your engine. This generally gets changed along with an oil change!
  • Engine Knock Sensor: Another engine component, the Knock Sensor watches out for the engine firing process. If something unusual is detected, it reports the error to the onboard CPU. IT can be hard to tell yourself, but if your check engine light is on and acceleration is difficult, this could well be your issue. Allow our team to have a look and diagnose the problem for you!
  • Battery: This one should be familiar, too! Rechargeable and long-lasting, you don't have to change your battery often, but it happens! Your battery provides the initial spark of electricity necessary to get the engine and other electrical systems firing. If ignition is a problem for you, this could be your issue!
  • Cabin Air Filter: Just like the oil filter keeps debris out of your oil, the cabin air filter keeps dust, debris, and allergens out of your cabin! Be sure to change yours our when it gets brittle, dirty, or full of dirt and debris.
  • Windshield Wipers: Especially important during not-so-savory weather, your windshield wipers occasionally need to be replaced, too! If you notice cracking, fraying at the edges, or brittleness to your wiper blades, do yourself a favor and change them out for new ones-you'll be surprised at what a difference it can make!
  • Headlights & Tailights: These keep you safe during the night, warn other drivers about your presence on the road, and let those behind you know when you're putting on the brakes-in short, they're important! If yours are cloudy, yellowed, or grayed, this could be impacting your visibility. While you should try cleaning your headlights every so often, eventually it's prudent to replace them.
  • Engine Belts & Hoses: Since the engine has different moving parts and various liquids, belts and tubes play a vital role. As they age and are exposed to the elements, they can become brittle, cracked, or blocked. You'll want to replace these before that happens, so be sure to have one of our technicians check on them next time you're in.

Every good at-home mechanic knows, you have to have certain parts on-hand, so if you're building up your supply or simply looking for a specific part, you can count on the Parts Department at Parkway Hyundai in Santa Clarita, CA. Give us a call or get ahold of us here to request a part or to inquire about something you're looking for. Our team is friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable-even if you're not sure what you need, we can get you pointed in the right direction, all you have to do is ask!

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